Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Place to Land

Photo by Joe (c)

I feel like I live in a wind tunnel. My eyes pop open every day, and I'm instantly swept up in the hurricane-force winds of To-Do Lists, my daughter's School-Piano-Volleyball-AndWhateverElse Schedule, and Other Responsibilities I have as a WifeParentFriendEmployee. I end many days exhausted, my hair a tangled mess.

My dear friend, Wendy Fields--who, lucky for me, is also my coworker--made a simple, but profound statement. Off the top of her head. Without a long period of rumination. As we talked together about workplace frustrations. She said, "We set goals to give ourselves a place to land."

A place to land. I like that.

After some consideration, I've decided my place to land doesn't have to be life-altering or memoir-worthy. Something simple will do. A goal that gives me a big red "X" on which to land before my head reaches the pillow and I check for light leaks each night. And it can be different every day.
Today, I will eat simply and take a walk.