Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Location Rotation

Photo by xandert.

The first half of our marriage seemed broken into distinct segments, because every five years we made a major move.

After we'd been in our current city for about four years, we developed an itch to unpitch our tent and move on.

Out went the resumes. Up went our expectations for a new adventure. In came an offer for a new job. 

Right here. 

In the same city.

So we adjusted our attitudes. Threw out those tingly hopes of getting out of Dodge. Settled in to a new routine. And enjoyed it.

But another five years flew by, and that itch returned, bringing with it another new job for hubby. 

Right here in the same city.

It's been a little over three years since that last urge for newness. Already, we feel the itch engines coughing to life. They'll sputter to a full roar soon.

This time, though, as I consider What Might Come Next, I'm not as eager to pull out the packing tape and call the realtor. Sure, we'll move if that's what our good God has in store for us. 

But now, having survived two full itches that led--literally--nowhere, I'm so aware of the Lord's goodness and kindness right here. Where we've been the last 13 and a half years. 

We didn't have to move to experience more good stuff because He is good. And He is with us wherever we go. 

Or stay.

Sometimes a geographical location rotation is just what the Lord has in mind. But sometimes I only need to readjust my gaze back to Him and His ever-present goodness. 

Right here. 

Right now.