Saturday, January 1, 2011

Is Your New Year Going to be New for You?

Photo by circulating.
I love the New Year. If you don't believe me, click here.
The New Year gives society as a whole permission to say goodbye to what was--the good, the bad, and the ugly--and to welcome in the "what might be." I like to cooperate with the rest of the world's New Year celebration by dreaming about what could be new for me this coming year.
As I chatted with a long-distance friend this week about her New Year's plans and resolutions, she sighed. "I really want to start sculpting again." I'd heard this from her before. "I don't know," she said. "I guess I'll just wait and see what happens." She says this every time, and every time, I nod my head and say, "Uh-huh."
This time, though, I screwed up my courage and said, "You know, nothing changes if nothing changes. You want different this year? You have to do different." (Oprah would be proud of me.)
"Yeah, maybe," she said. Not what you'd call a valliant line-in-the-sand kind of action, but for her, it was a step.
The next morning, I turned that phrase over and over in my mind: Nothing changes if nothing changes. Last year, on the brink of 2010, I seriously considered joing a gym to get in a shape other than the one I was in. Nah, I decided. I'll save the money and work out at home instead.
Well, guess what? I didn't work out. And therefore, I didn't lose the weight I wanted to ditch, I didn't gain the energy I wanted to harness, and I didn't improve my cholesterol scores. (Although, I must admit I got pretty good at Spider Solitaire.) In contrast, I did lower my level of confidence and my ability to engage in Olympic shopping without needing an hour-long nap. Not super happy with those results. I'm going to change that this year. (Make sure you check back with me.)
What is it you want different for yourself this year? Less stress? Better relationships? More time to read or write or go caneoing? A cleaner house? More fun in your life? To stop smoking? To stop screaming at your kids? To dance more often and in cuter shoes?
In 2011, what are you willing to do different so you can have different? Once you make up your mind, don't reconsider when the going gets tough; recommit. (If you need help walking through the process of setting a goal you'll stick with, I recommend reading "Chapter 2: Embracing Change" in the book, Curves Fitness & Weight Management Plan, by Gary Heavin, Nadia Rodman, and Cassie Findley.)
I'm not your mother, and I'm not a travel agent for guilt trips. I'm just a friend who's making a change--for real this year--and I'm inviting you to come along. What's your New Year going to look like? My New Year is going to shape up nicely.


Kim S. said...

Love "Nothing changes if nothing changes!" How true! I'm going to poke you about your exercise, my friend-just as you poked me about my word counts! John and I decided to finally take those Ballroom dance classes we've always said we were going to take. Signed up last week! (And no, we don't watch DWTS, we've just always loved to dance!"

Heather Trent Beers said...

Good for you, Kim! Dennis and I have been considering the same, but haven't made a resolution yet. :) Poke away, sista!

Sally said...

I have started to exercise to my CD again a couple of weeks ago . . . at home. I can already see some results. I've got to stick with it or I'll have to buy a new wardrobe!

Sue Ford said...

Nicely said!

Cheryl Ann Wills said...

i'm with you. if we don't put a point to head outside of our present bowl of life, we will do nothing but walk in circles. ANY point to direct ourselves to will make change.
Here's to change - for one and all!

Heather Trent Beers said...

Yes! And when we see a fellow traveler trying to make headway in his life, how about we cheer him on and/or lend a helping hand if we can? We all could stand to hear a well-timed "Atta boy!"

Heather Trent Beers said...

Good for you, Sally! I also suggest you write your goal where you will see it frequently. And on those days when you feel like "not today," I encourage you not to reconsider, but to recommit. :) Let me know how it goes!

Kansas Bob said...

"Nothing changes if nothing changes!"

Love that Heather! The key for me has always been to take the first step (the hardest) then another and another.. steps get easier but they are seldom easy. I am planning to join the fitness center down the block on Wednesday - after the new years rush.

Heather Trent Beers said...

Bob, for me the first step is usually the easiest because I am so gung-ho to get started (with whatever it is). My problem lies somewhere around the twelfth step and following. I simply forget what I'm doing, or I lose interest. I love what Eugene Peterson says: It's a long obedience in the same direction. I have to post my goal so I don't get off the path right after step eleven. :) Good luck with your goal, and keep me posted!

kjc said...

Weight Watchers is a great program, so is owning a dog. In July of 2009 I got a dog from the kennel after an 8 year mourn from our 3rd dog. I started slow, but he is a great inspiration. In just 12 months I was down 35 lbs. and our 15 minute walks were up to an hour and more. We both feel great and my Cardiologist is amazed. I've gone from a size 16 to an 8. New clothes are fun to shop for now. Keep a Positive attitude and even in these Winter Months you can walk. I know, Ohio gets lots of snow too. I made a snow angel on Saturday and left my mark at the neighborhood park.

Heather Trent Beers said...

kjc, thanks for the encouragement! I look forward to similar results for myself. And I know I can do it in the warmth of a Curves studio if you can do it in the Ohio snow!

Timekeeper said...

I gave up playing guitar years ago and this year I plan to reconnect with music. Look for me on YouTube soon!

Heather Trent Beers said...

Wonderful, Timekeeper! Come back and keep us posted so we can all attend your virtual concert. :D