Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why I Hate Squirrels

I used to think squirrels were cute. That was before I landscaped my front yard and planted gorgeous things that make me happy. Now I have Ninja squirrels who apparently have decided to dig up (non-existent) treasure---at the roots of my previously mentioned gorgeous things!

I'm sprinkling cayenne pepper around the plants in an effort to keep the squirrels away. Or at least to cause them intense bowel pain.

Martin seems to have come up with a satisfactory resolution.

Photo by Martin Pettitt.


Kansas Bob said...

We had moles years ago. These varmints can really be pesky.

Melanie said...

Remember my love of squirrels when I lived on Parker? Well, I still had a place in my heart for them until I watched a show about how they are known to start fires in homes! They go up in the attic and chew on wires. So people should make sure they can't get in.

Anonymous said...

We used to have a vegetable garden about 3 years ago. Every time we'd get a tomato on a vine, the squirrels would chew into it. Just a couple of bites. That's all. Those little rodents would move on to the next tomato. I don't think we were able to reap the benefits of a single one!

My dog got a hold of one, and I couldn't help but heave a sigh of satisfaction as it struggled (unsucessfully) for it's life...

Sally said...

Yup! I know the feeling! We had a neighbor who decided to live trap them. Then he took them to Corporate Woods and let them go. (That is only a mile or so from here.) He finally caught on after he trapped #100 that year that they were recycling and coming back from the woods.

Anonymous said...

I know about those pests in the yard, including moles. i used to watch our happy and carefree squirrel from the kitchen window in KC house playing in my flower bed, digging in it, tossing flower petals in the air laughing, skipping through the yard happily chattering to himself, jumping from tree to tree for great exercise. I couldn't believe how many acorns he buried. Every time I dug to plant something, I would find one buried. Without me, that place would have become infested with oak trees.

Now that I don't have the problem, I don't appreciate the visual as much... We have the infestation of slugs here in North West. Do you have any pictures of slugs in agony?